What are the emerging housing societies in Pakistan?

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What are the emerging housing societies in Pakistan?

Recalling to oneself the finer details of the impression that Bahria, DHA, and Defense left upon the souls of people living a big-city life, it tends to feel inevitable for multiple housing schemes, many of which as mere scams though, to come into existence for the sake of earning what the aforementioned established projects managed to acquire in a relatively short period of time.

Every now and then a drive outside the city center, towards the historically disenfranchised outskirts, makes you confront the gigantic billboards advertising a new housing project, or the not-so-subtle keywords displayed giving a description of the intricate infrastructure, I wonder if living outside the premises of such scattered emerging projects would ever be a case in future?

Well, seeing them grow in such marvelous shapes, I’m afraid not!

It’s more or less a mass transformation from out-of-shape and disorganized townships to residential projects, and as steadily as it is happening with time, the future entails a kind of life that probably would signify the exit from one housing society as an entrance to another.

Even the raw and uncut imagination of such imagery seems peculiar enough to stunt me from properly expressing how I see it. 

So without keeping you entangled in my confusions, let me drive you through the newly emerging housing societies in Pakistan that are pacing up their journey towards recognition, and have accomplished a lot in a relatively shorter timeframe. 

Coast Way Residency, Gwadar

Capital Smart City

Extended over the total area of 55,000, this city is located near the new Islamabad International Airport while territorially falling in the Rawalpindi region of Islamabad. It is the first comprehensive city in Pakistan, 4th in Asia, and enjoys the popularity of a vastly spread estate that is such a rarity in itself.

As to the question of accessing the entrance of the Smart city, it can be reached through Chakri road from M-2 motorway and via the ring road. The whole project can also be approached by the surroundings from the national highway and Lahore-Islamabad motorway. Judging by the stature of the smart city, it will have an interchange from the motorway which has been approved by FWO.

Without the mention of amnesties, the whole project would seem like a mere rough sketch.

Here are a few of the amnesties this residential and commercial project has to offer: earth-friendly society appropriate sewerage and drainage system, water treatment plant, 24/7 hours power supply, modernized safety system, CCTV cameras, and facial recognition, BRT system inside society, smart applications for traffic, weather, electricity, internet, hotels and sports complex, smart housing planning, mosques and parks, beautiful lakes and an 18-Hole Golf Course.

Capital Smart City, Islamabad

New Metro City

Located at the strategic location of Sarai Alamgir main GT road Gujrat, it has managed to grasp the attention of the neighborhood cities such as Gujrat, Gujranwala, Kharian, and Jhelum.

The infrastructure, amnesties, and facilities of the society are all well embedded in order to give this housing scheme a refined ambiance, and the location itself, previously referred to as strategic, is that of the main GT road that links central Punjab to Northern Punjab. 

If you are seeking to invest, it is one of the best places to do so for its high paced development and a unique community style that will outscore most of the upcoming potential projects in the region. Unlike most of the regional projects, the development crew is putting discerning attention to detail as if they already aspire to compete at a very high level.

New Metro City, Sarai Alamgir

Gawadar City

CPEC has been a deciding factor in the development of this beautiful estate project, though currently in the pre-launch phase, it will attract most of the foreigners as it tends to proceed in the direction of further investments.

The location is premier Mousa Paleri Gharbi, it lies at Makran Coastal highway and Jinnah Avenue 2 Junction.

As per the detailed information, infrastructure projects worth $500 million have already been constructed on the Gwadar port, while added projects such as the development of Gwadar International Airport, Pak-China Friendship Hospital, Pak-China skill development, and a 300MW coal power plant will be created with China’s financial assistance.

Instantaneously, industrial growth in Gwadar and along the CPEC will pick up speed, with the implementation of the scheme such as petrochemicals, cement, mobile processing, edible oil, and home accessories.

Creek City, Gwadar

PWD Housing Society Islamabad

Considering its existence in Capital city alone makes it a hot property already without even having to discuss the amnesties and infrastructural intricacies. The residential aspect of the society is not the only enticing thing about this well thought out and carefully executed project, but the commercial settings do not lag behind any other prospect of this housing society.

A huge shopping hub that brings a one-destination solution for your love of shopping items from varying brands, be it Khaadi, Nishat, Servis, or Bata, it has got you well covered.

Amnesties are thorough and answer the relevant needs completely without having to give you an impression of baseless exaggerations, so take a good look at what they truly are: Health centers and hospitals, amusements and play spaces, financial and private areas, an education hub, 24/7 material availability, a heavily guarded and protected community.

PWD Housing Society Islamabad


Although it is advisable by many big-city dwellers that established housing societies with titular history provide a sense of security and psychological comfort as a consequence of no litigation process or legal disputes as to the ownership, these recently emerging societies have amassed credibility to their titles in a briefer spell of time, alluding towards the reality that they are trustworthy by all means.

Secondly, the fact that such projects are out there, though in different phases of development, renders a realization as to the number of properties awaiting our investments and the limited competition we face, and if this does not stir our thought processes as to the commendable investment returns they ensure, I don’t know what will.

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